17 to 26 August 2018



Professors / lecturers / tutors (click on photos for CVs)


Friday 17 AUGUST 

Afternoon: Arrival (and Wellcome) of the participants at Ferreira do Zêzere (FZ); Pick up course documentation; Check In (accommodation)

19.30 - Dinner (at CRIFZ)

Saturday 18 (at the Avecasta cave - local transports (from town to cave and vice-versa) assumed by the FZ municipality)

I - Ancient territories, eco-physiographies and raw-material provenances

1 Ze 500Paula 500  10.00 José Mateus; Paula Queiroz  Guided visit to the archaeological site 
 2 AdrianoGermano   11.00  Adriano Germano  Geology and Geomorphology of the Avecasta Karstic Landscape 
 3 Ze 500Paula 500   12.00 José Mateus; Paula Queiroz  Ancient Territories under a Systems Ecology Approach (Regional Palaeoecology With Humans)
   LUNCH BREAK 13.00
 4 PatriciaJordao   14.30  Patrícia Jordão  Lithic provenance analysis: raw-materials; methods; questions; case studies
 5 JooCaninasCarlos Neto de Carvalho 64PedroBaptista 64   15.30 João Caninas; Carlos Neto de Carvalho; Pedro Baptista  Tracking the provenance of the building materials from Cabeço da Anta megalithic tomb (Proença-a-Nova, Central Portugal): a Least-Cost Analysis based approach. 
   BREAK  16.30    
    17.00   Introduction to the excavation

Sunday 19 - Free day (touring around the region) - Coventry of Christ (Tomar); Lago Azul and Dornes (Ferreira do Zêzere)

Monday 20

 II - From Archaeology digging to registration, virtual simulation and videogames 

    10.00   Excavation modules
  LUNCH BREAK 13.00    
6 Ze 500 14.30 José Mateus A new scenic paradigm for Archaeology
7 Ze 500 15.00 José Mateus The challenges of the occupation-surface digging and decoding dwelling and artisanal gestures and activities (the micro-archaeology approach)
8 aventura 64Anonimo 64 15.30 António Ventura; Gonçalo de Figueiredo Archaeology and photography
  BREAK 16.30    
9 Ze 500Paula 500 17.00 José Mateus; Paula Queiroz From photogrammetry to interactive virtual Scenography - The virtualization pipeline (3D, simulation, full interactive scenics (videogames))

Tuesday 21

    10.00   Excavation modules
  LUNCH BREAK 13.00    
10 Ze 500Paula 500 14.30 José Mateus; Paula Queiroz The paradigms of 3D modelling of surfaces, structures and artefacts (point clouds, parametric meshes, edited meshes, organic clay-like sculpturing and retopologizing, flux).
11 Ze 500Paula 500 15.00 José Mateus; Paula Queiroz An introduction to the UNREAL engine and its use for Scenic Archaeology
  BREAK 16.30  
12 Ze 500Paula 500AdrianoGermano 17.00 José Mateus; Paula Queiroz Photogrammetry; 3D modelling of an occupation-surface; interactive virtualization (practical session)


Wednesday, 22

III - Ancient Territories, ancien vegetation and ruralities

    10.00   Excavation modules (Photogrammetry Practices)
  LUNCH BREAK 13.00    
13 Ze 500Paula 500 14.30 José Mateus; Paula Queiroz The present-day flora, vegetation and habitats of the Avecasta Region in the context of Holocene Landscape Evolution
14 Ze 500 15.30 José Mateus The cave-settlement as a landscape (fossilization) sink for ancient soils, natural (phyto & zoo) thanatocoenosis, and plant aura reflections.
15 Paula 500 16.00 Paula Queiroz The challenges of Palynology of a cave-settlement - Exploring a diversified palette of palaeo-territorial information sources
  BREAK 16.30    
16 Ginevra 64 17.00 Ginevra Coradeschi Multidisciplinary approach to study archaeological wood and charcoal - Two different case studies 


Thursday, 23

IV - Fire technologies and performances of metal work and pottery

    10.00   Excavation / Micro (collecting, summary diagnose and sorting of micro-fossil assemblages)
  LUNCH BREAK 13.00    
17 Massimo64 14.30 Massimo Beltrame Archaeometric investigation of ancient ceramics - Analytical methods; clay sources; archaeo-technologies and uses; a case-study
18 Ze 500 15.30 José Mateus The Avecasta - the archaeo-metallurgic sub-programme (furnace pits, casting moulds, bone tools, slags, artefacts)
  BREAK 16.00    
19 JorgeCarvalho 16.30 Jorge Carvalho Reenactment staging designs for ancient metallurgy


 Friday, 24

V - Archaeology and Biological Anthropology challenges on cave necropolis

    10.00   Excavation modules
  LUNCH BREAK 13-00    
20 ClaudiaRelvado 14.30 Claudia Relvado Biological anthropology and human pathology - Overviews and perspectives
21 AnaRosaCruz 15.30 Ana Rosa Cruz Archaeology of the Karstic Necropolis of the Nabão River Basin
  BREAK 16.30    
22 PedroMendes 17.00 Pedro Mendes Hypogea, artificial caves, semi-natural, and natural caves - Rock enclosures for Life and Death. 


Sábado, 25

 VI - The challenges of a Scenic Site Museography

    10.00   Excavation modules
23 Ze 500Paula 500 14.30 José Mateus; Paula Queiroz Scenic Archaeology with Performative Humans: The forgotten challenge of the archaeological performance stage (designing a Western European Bronze-Age aedo / bard) - Videogames for Archaeology (a case study)
24 DomingosMorais 15.30 Domingos Morais Oral traditions and Ethno-Performances - Between truth and false, when the body try to learn archaeological knowledge
  BREAK 16.30    
25 JorgeCarvalho 17.00 Jorge Carvalho Monuments and ancient performance recreation - Methods, knowledge and case studies
26 CarlosCarvalheiro 17.30  Carlos Carvalheiro Reviving Drama in Ancient Sites


Cultural and Museographic Events